March in the Classroom

This month in the Classroom we have been learning all about the changes in the season and growth. We have enjoyed all sorts of weather this month, from snow to hailstones, rain to sunshine, and we have noticed changes to our environment like flowers growing outside and the temperature getting warmer. Our morning registrations have been very active with discussions about the weather and things we’ve seen outside of nursery!

We have been little gardeners this month and we have planted cress seeds to take home, and planted some sunflowers in pots to take care of! We have been excited to watch them grow and we check on them and water them every day! We have looked at the life cycle of plants, learnt what they need to grow and our children have been been very excited to take on the role of ‘gardening helper.’ We can’t wait to see how big they will grow over the next few months.

We have been much more independent this month, helping not just with gardening, but our snack helpers have been preparing their own snack and the children have been serving themselves at the snack table. We have now have lunchtime helpers who love setting up for dinner and assisting Aunties with cleaning up afterwards. The children are really enjoying being given new roles and responsibilities within the room 🙂

We celebrated World Book Day and have explored lots of different stories independently this month within the different areas. We have especially taken notice of rhyming books like ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ – we have even made our own stories this month to share with the Toddler and Baby rooms! We hope to carry on this interest even further into the next month.

Next month we will be continuing to focus on ‘Spring’ and ‘Growth’ and we can’t wait for the weather to get much warmer so we can spend more time outdoors playing and gardening! We are also looking forward to Easter coming up, and our exciting Easter Stay and Play.

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