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Here at St Bernadette’s, we pride ourselves in being a non-profit nursery with a dedicated team of staff working together to ensure an outstanding level of care and education for your early year’s children. We know the importance of creating a welcoming community, which is why we take the time to build a friendly, family environment amongst staff, parents, children and the wider community. With every child who comes into our care, we understand the value of nurturing them as an individual. Our priority is ensuring a challenging yet encouraging environment to assist in building the confidence to lead them into their next developmental steps. Give your child the gift of an exceptional start to their personal growth and education!   

We are open year-round and can provide full daycare for up to 45 children. Our age capacity ranges from as young as six months old and up to 5 years old, ready to leap into Primary school. We are fortunate to have a positive relationship with the school and continuously work together to provide the best outcome for everyone.   

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Leaver’s Party!

Leaver’s Party!

Yesterday was our Leaver’s party for all the children that are moving on to the next exciting chapter of their lives! We had lots of fun playing games, dancing and there was even a magic machine that made the balls move around us! Before having some snacks (including a nice cold ice lolly, perfect to…