April in the Classroom!

April in the Classroom has seen us celebrating the warmer weather. We have had lots of fun in the sand and water play and have enjoyed more time in the garden playing in the sunshine.
Spring has been a big topic for discussion this month as we have enjoyed seeing the flowers grow. We have made nature bracelets, drawn and painted flowers outdoors using the clipboards, and children have even been seen building and setting up their own flower shops! Every morning during registration we have been talking about the hot sun and how to stay safe in the garden with our new weather – everyone has been very good at keeping their sun hats on, asking for sun cream, and drinking lots of water!

We also learnt all about Easter, and enjoyed lots of Easter-themed activities. Our favourite activity by far was making chocolate crispie cakes – we talked about baking at home, why we have to be careful around hot melted chocolate, and everybody took turns measuring and weighing out ingredients. They were so yummy, and sparked a discussion about Easter Eggs and how we would all celebrate Easter. Our Easter Stay and Play allowed parents to come and enjoy spending time with us, and we even had an Easter bonnet parade!

Besides Easter, we have been learning about lots of new things – the main one being bumblebees. We have had lots of tired bees in our garden and the children have been saving them with sugar water and watching them fly away. Following this, we’ve been learning a lot about bees; what they do, why they’re important and why we shouldn’t be scared of them. We’ve also been doing lots of hands-on learning with activities such as “does it roll?” and “does is float?” and our sunflowers are growing taller every day!

We can’t wait for May, where we’ll be learning about staying healthy through eating the right foods, and we’ll be exercising more by running our daily mile around the school field every day.

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