We Believe in the
Power of Play

St Bernadette’s Pre-school aims to provide high-quality care and education for children and a secure foundation for learning in an encouraging and nurturing environment, where there is an equality of opportunity and support for all and where staff and parents or carers work in close partnership.

History of St. Bernadette’s Pre-school nursery

Over the years, St Bernadette’s has seen the evolution of childcare and the ever-growing expansion of children’s education and development. Whilst our teaching and care methods may be in line with modern techniques and 21st Century training guidelines, we always appreciate our roots and can’t help but admire where it all began.  

Located in a simple wooden hut on Bispham Gala Field, our doors first opened in 1990 as a playgroup run by the mothers of the attending children. Children would enjoy learning new skills and developing friendships for just 2 hours per day before returning home. 

In 1990 we moved into our new home at the St Bernadette’s Parish Hall, furthering our sense of community and allowing us to enjoy building our new relationships with parents and children in the process.  

After many treasured years our Parish Hall location, 2003 saw a huge step in our progression as we moved into our brand new, purpose-built premises! Our new building allowed us to offer full daycare to preschool children aged 2 to 5 years during which pupils would learn, explore and play from 8 am to 4:30 pm. In 2006 we welcomed a wonderful baby unit into our lives as we extended our premises to allow us to care for children as young as 6 months old.  

All of our cherished histories leads us to where we are today! Recognised as a dedicated, committee run Nursery, St Bernadette’s is trusted by parents and the community to provide a caring, nurturing environment fit for educating and developing young minds. We currently offer both sessional and full daycare for children ages 6 months to 5 years old and are open between the hours of 8 am to 5:30 pm.  

As we continue in our progressive journey, we look forwards to our Nursery Committee meetings that take place 4 times a year and enable us to keep our care and educational values on track and up to the highest standards. Our close relationship with the Committee chair, Alexis Satterswaite (Head of St Bernadette’s Primary School) and our incredible work ethic go hand in hand to provide your children with the level of early years care they deserve.  

We love our team and we think you will too

Our hard-working team of practitioners are at the heart of St Bernadettes. We pride ourselves in knowing all members of staff bring a range of skills, expertise and experience that combine to allow the children in our care to thrive daily and reach their full potential. 

Elizabeth Holmes-Whiteside


“I returned from living in Tenerife in 2007 to start a career with children, something I had always wanted to do.  I started as a volunteer at St Bernadette’s nursery whilst gaining my Level 3 qualification which led me onto my Foundation degree, BA Honours in Early years education and then I gained Early years professional status.  I then became Deputy manager and gained my SENCO Level 3 qualification and took over as manager January 2020. I have a passion for speech and language and children developing their independence, self esteem and confidence.  I feel the early years are one of the most important times in a child’s life and parents are their first educators, therefore building those links with home is very important to me. I also love messy, sensory play and the outdoors.”

Elizabeth Holmes-Whiteside 


I have a passion for speech and language and children developing their independence, self esteem and confidence.  I feel the early years are one of the most important times in a child’s life and parents are their first educators, therefore building those links with home is very important to me. I also love messy, sensory play and the outdoors.

Laura Dodd 

Deputy Manager

“Working in childcare provides me with the opportunity to spend every day at work having fun and being as silly as I like! I love to be outside in all weathers, exploring the natural world around us and sharing this with the children, giving them opportunities to develop a passion for outside as much as I have” 

Katrina Armstrong

Toddler Staff

I have worked in childcare for over 4 years.  I enjoy doing sensory play with the children and love exploring and getting messy with them. I love singing and enjoy doing musical activities with the children.

Lacy Rolfe

Classroom Staff

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Keara McDonnell

Classroom Staff

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Megan Morgan


Tanya Marshall 

Classroom Staff

“I am originally from Malta and have worked at St Bernadette’s for 15 years. With my Mediterranean background I bring a little continental twist with different languages and customs to share” 

Carol Gilbert

Conservatory Staff

“Having worked at St-Bernadette’s for 20 years I have had the opportunity to work with all age groups. I enjoy my work playing with the children and doing lots of activities to help them progress. I bring lots of experience around all areas of child development” 

Karen Bradley 

Conservatory Staff

“I have worked at St Bernadette’s for 10 years and have worked in all rooms. I love spending time doing activities with the children and watching them develop and learn new skills. Seeing how they grow and progress during their time with us is an extremely rewarding aspect of my job” 

Hilary Latham

Baby Room Staff

“I first joined the team in 2011 and help the key workers with the daily routines of the children. I am lucky to be able to work throughout all the rooms and therefore see the children as they move through the setting. I really enjoy working in the baby room, seeing each individual baby develop and learn new skills. Being in childcare is very rewarding as I am taking care of a parent’s most precious possession”

Karen Chew 

Conservatory Staff

I have always wanted to work in childcare and fulfilled my dream in July 2007 when I started here at St Bernadette’s nursery.  I love role play with the children and watching them take the lead.  I feel I bring a lot of care to the children.

Jane Wilson 

Baby Room Team Leader

“I have worked at St-Bernadette’s for 12 years and worked in all rooms, however I have always felt most suited to the baby room. I have a calming nature and love to settle new babies and reassure parents. It is a great achievement to see a child at ease in the room, exploring the environment and being happy”   

Stella Gibb 

Finance Administrator

Behind the scenes, Stella works tirelessly on our financial plans to allow us to run our daily operations as smoothly and as effectively as possible. We know she is a crucial member of our team who never fails to make sure St Bernadettes runs like clockwork.  

Sarah Farell 


We appreciate all the hard work Sarah does each week to ensure we can continue to provide the children with a safe, clean environment ready for learning, exploring and achieving! Sarah’s hard work and high standards go hand in hand to leave our nursery squeaky clean, we don’t know what we would do without her!  

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