Classroom fun in February!

February in the Classroom was a busy one! We had lots of fun exploring feelings, we enjoyed a range of books about feelings such as ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘Even Superheroes have bad days’ – this focus topic was important for us as we were able to explore feelings such as sadness, happiness, anger and fear and talk these through with our friends. It was a good time to teach us all about love as well because February in the Classroom meant we would be celebrating Valentine’s Day and we did this through lots of problem solving and sharing activities to help us build friendships! We had to work together to figure out how to melt the ice hearts, we took turns adding and mixing the ingredients when we were baking our love hearts biscuits, and we explored the colour monster sensory tray and talked through our feelings together.

Our interest this month was in mini beasts and living things and we enjoyed reading the ‘Superworm’ story together. We looked for our own Superworms in the garden, and the children were excited to build the worms’ houses after learning our new word “habitat” – we have explored lots of natural materials from the garden both indoors and out. The children were very brave and not at all nervous to hold insects. We can’t wait to carry this interest over in March as we explore “Spring” and “Growing” and look forward to growing lots of plants together!

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