December in the Classroom!

December in the Classroom was a fun, sensory month as we explored lots of sights, smells and textures. We worked as a team to decorate our room and get it all ready for Christmas.

This was the month that the garden changed as the temperature dropped and the children had lots of fun dressing up in their winter coats, boots and hats, scarves and gloves all by themselves to explore the frosty garden. We talked about the drop in temperature and how we could stay safe outside around the ice. The children used the tools they could find to chip the ice outside and this led to us experimenting and leaving water out overnight to see if it would freeze.

Our story of the month was The Gingerbread Man and we enjoyed practising making our own with gingerbread scented playdough. This prepared us to bake and decorate our own Gingerbread. They were very tasty! We loved smelling the ginger and we remembered our favourite part of the story – “when he comes out of the oven he might run away!”

We’ve also enjoyed learning and singing our Christmas songs. We’ve been counting down with “5 Little Snowman” and using instruments – we had lots of fun singing “Jingle Bells” and shaking our own bells. As well as this we had lots of fun writing our own Christmas cards and posting them in our Christmas postbox to deliver to our friends!

It has been a busy month in the Classroom and we can’t wait to continue exploring the outdoors throughout January and talking about the cold weather.

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