A busy November for the Classroom!

This November we have had lots of fun in the classroom! Our interest this month has mainly been on the fireworks we were all very excited to see on bonfire night, and we have been doing a lot of relevant activities based around ‘Light’ to explore our interest further. We have had lots of fun making edible sparklers to take home, using glitter to make our own firework pictures, and we have been putting on our own light shows using the torches and light up toys. This month has also been an excellent opportunity for us to talk about safety, and we have discussed both food and fire safety within our activities and how we can stay safe.

Our Story of the Month has been ‘Supertato’ and the children have had so much fun strengthening their gross and fine motor skills to help Supertato defeat the Evil Pea! We have worked together as a team and learned to play cooperatively to help each other capture the peas and free the vegetables in the room.

We also discussed remembrance day and made our own poppy wreath to take over to the school. We worked very hard painting our own hands and the school were really pleased with what we made!

Finally, this has been a great month for us to carry out lots of science experiments! We have been very inquisitive and asking how things work and why. We loved watching Auntie Carole putting mentos in coke bottles to make big explosions and we’ve made fizzy fireworks and fireworks in a jar with Auntie Amy. We’ve explored our shadows in the dark with the torches, and the most fun we had was looking for insects in the garden using our binoculars and magnifying glasses.

We can’t wait to start working on our Christmas crafts and look forward to practising for our Christmas production 🙂

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