March in the Toddler room!

This month we have enjoyed dressing up for world book day and sharing stories. Some of the older children came to read us a story and we enjoyed looking at our own books. We also went into the preschool room to listen to stories.

We have had lots of fun in the walk in sand pit, we looked for dinosaurs and built sandcastles. We enjoyed filling the buckets and emptying them.

For Mother’s Day we used celery to create a rose on the front of the card, to go with the flower gift. we planted a seed and hope to see it grow at home. We talked about how to look after the plant and said it needed food and water.

We had lots of fun at the hairdressers, brushing and washing our friends hair we styled and added bows alongside ‘cutting’ it. We showed an interest in brushing teeth so started brushing the dolls teeth. The next day Auntie brought in some real toothpaste and we used it to brush the dolls teeth including their tummies and ears.

For St Patrick’s day we played in green rice with some pictures of four leaf clovers, rainbows and pots of gold. We enjoyed trying to match the pictures and exploring the rice. We filled and emptied containers as well as listening to the sound it made falling out of the tubs.

Due to our interest in rainbows we made a rainbow on the floor with bubble wrap on the top to jump on and pop the bubbles we had lots of fun listening to the sounds and finding the different colours. We had rainbow rice which we scooped tipped and poured as well as finding the colours. We created a giant rainbow choosing one colour a day to paint. We also coloured in smaller rainbows. We posted lollysticks into a box matching the colours up and we explored frozen rainbow paint and used the paint to make our own marks.

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