January in the Toddler room!

This month we have been making playdough adding the ingredients and mixing it together. We have been choosing the colour and smell of the playdough. After it’s made we have been enjoying making lots of cakes!
We have been exploring the nature area making lots of marks with sticks and chalk. We have also been painting using the rollers and strengthening our arm muscles. We choose our own colours and painted some red, yellow and orange for our camp fire outside.
We have been making the dolls beds and used lots of different boxes to do so. We created a tent outside for the dolls to sleep in. We have been using our imagination and gone on holiday and cooked lots of yummy food on the stove and fire outside. To go alongside our tent we have been making picnics for the dolls to eat “at the park”
And it snowed! We went out into the garden to explore some real snow, we made snowman and snowballs and enjoyed listening to it crunching underneath our feet.

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