April in the Toddler Room!

This month we have been very chocolately getting ready for Easter. We went out in the trundle bus to the shop to buy Rice Krispies for our Easter cakes. We saw lots of different things on our walk including the post office van, lots of people walking dogs and lots of cars and motorcycles. We saw lots of animals in a garden including a shark, a turtle and a cat. As we had such a good time looking at the transport, we went for another walk to look at more transport we saw buses and cars, an ambulance and the fruit and vegetables shop van.
We made rice crispy cakes to take home for Easter. We decorated egg shapes and made a card with a masher, and paint. We played in Easter pasta and rice and had our Easter stay and play.
As the weather has been improving we have been talking about wearing sun hats and sun cream. We have explored the big garden and we are getting very good at balancing and managing our own space. We had lots of fun in the water tray.

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