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By stbernadettesnursery, May 20 2019 01:29PM

The children enjoyed the sunshine last week whilst working on their pre writing skills and developing their imaginations. They were making mud and worm pies, climbing the trees in the garden, building relationships, working together, sharing and taking turns.

The children were definitely demonstrating all areas of the Characteristics of effective learning.

Playing and Exploring

Engaged in Open ended activity

Using their senses to explore the world around them.

Active Learning

Being involved and concentrating

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

Creating and thinking critically

Having their own ideas

Choosing ways to do things

By stbernadettesnursery, May 15 2019 04:09PM

Today we had a few visitors in nursery. The children learnt about what the animals ate and where they live, how they change and grow, how they protect themselves from predators. The children sat beautifully and waited their turns in touching and holding the animals.

By stbernadettesnursery, May 14 2019 07:27AM

This week the children have been celebrating all things Italian. They have been making pizza and pasta, learning to count to 5 in Italian and looking at the different famous buildings and getting messy of course.